Welcome to On The Mind.

My name is Daniel Tarockoff - I spent the last five years working in healthcare strategy consulting in NYC, and I’m currently an MBA student at UC Berkeley.

I’ve always been interested in philosophy, consciousness, and the human mind.

We’re at the beginning of a massive change in the way mental health is discussed and approached in society. There is a huge influx of capital and startups working to create the future of mental health.

My perspective is still evolving, but (in no particular order) I’m excited about:

  1. The continued destigmatization of mental health

  2. Increasing access to and affordability of mental health care for all

  3. Measuring mental health outcomes with data-driven, evidence-based care

  4. Shifting to mental wellness and performance for all, not just the mentally ill

  5. Psychedelic therapeutics and psychedelic-assisted therapy

I’m writing On The Mind to keep myself accountable to connecting with the top minds in mental health and wellness.

If you’re working on something in mental health and wellness, let’s talk. You can book some time with me here or email me at tarockoff@berkeley.edu.

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